DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Amelie, April 2016 0

Meet Amelie, Age 10, our April 2016 Designer Spotlight!


Amelie - Designer Spotlight

Amelie – Designer Spotlight

Amelie has participated in a lot of classes at Sketch including Fashion Illustration, One Day Sewing, and Summer Camps. Amelie often choosing the more youthful figure for her designs. She has a great design style that is very wearable!

SKETCH: What are your favorite colors?

AMELIE: Yellow & Black.

SKETCH: What is your must have & most loved item of clothing?

AMELIE: My red sweatshirt.

SKETCH: What do you like to design? Dresses or casual clothing?

AMELIE: I like to design clothes that are sporty and comfortable.

(Sketch: Amelie is excels at graphic tee’s and often takes great care with her shoe design)

SKETCH: What do you like about fashion?

AMELIE: Everything!

See below for more of Amelie’s Designs.

Amelie assembling her mood board

Amelie assembles her mood board

Amelie Sewing


Designs from Inspired by Emojis

Designs from Inspired by Emojis

Sketches by Amelie

Sketches by Amelie